digitalBTC managementdigitalBTC is led by a well-credentialed management team. The team brings together expertise and experience from a range of technology entrepreneurship and financial markets backgrounds, including digital marketing, software and application development, commodities and currencies trading. Collectively, their diverse skill sets form a core competitive advantage of the business and their know-how in the industry optimally positions the Company to take advantage of an ever-growing digital payments and remittance market.


Zhenya Tsvetnenko

Founder and Chairman

Zhenya Tsvetnenko is the founder of digitalBTC and current Chairman of the Board, providing overall strategy and new product development advice.

Zhenya is a software engineer who achieved success in pioneering SMS gateway technology to market premium mobile messaging services.

A passionate computing enthusiast, Zhenya was writing computer code at the age of seven, he mastered Assembly Language at 12 and wrote his own version of the language before moving onto C++ and into.Net in 2004.

His entrepreneurial spirit surfaced when, as an engineering and electronics student at the University of Western Australia, he started a business doing Russian – English translations.

At 25, while working at Power Business Systems, Zhenya dedicated his evenings to developing and programming SMS gateway technology and mastering Google AdWords.

Working alone from his bedroom in his modest Canning Vale home, Zhenya drew on a diverse set of technical and communication skills as well as judicious use of timing to establish a thriving multi-national business.

Starting with an advertising spend of only $200 per month in 2006, Zhenya’s business grew to achieve $2 million in advertising spend per month, in less than two years and with no external investments.

Zhenya’s Google AdWords campaign grew to deliver 22 billion views of ads through Google AdWords in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States.

In 2009, Zhenya made his debut on the BRW Young Rich List, which estimated his wealth at $107 million.

Zhenya’s group of companies continues to service high global demand for mobile premium message services including data, music, games and news.

The national winner of the prestigious Ernst and Young, Entrepreneur of The Year 2010 young category, and the Western Australian Business News 40 under 40 awards 2011, Zhenya enjoys using his strengths in the online field to catapult other businesses to success.


Alex Karis

Chief Executive Officer

A Massachusetts native, Alex Karis earned his bachelor’s degree in marketing at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Following graduation, Mr. Karis ventured to New York City where he embarked on a successful sales career in the telecommunication industry. As a result of his hard work and industry success, Karis became an industry leader, providing network consulting services for network architecture. Clients included: Bank Of New York, and Martha Stewart Living.

After continually achieving performance at the top 1% of revenue growth, Mr. Karis moved back to the Boston area to start the marketing firm, Karis Marketing Group (“KMG”). KMG began as a telemarketing firm providing clients and political campaigns with marketing support services. In 2010, KMG began providing online marketing support services. Today, KMG provides telemarketing services for the top two largest telecommunication companies in the US. KMG’s online marketing efforts focuses on display and mobile content for all major US telecom carriers. As the founder and president of KMG, Mr. Karis has overseen explosive growth for KMG and its clients.

KMG has become a leader at offline and online performance marketing due to its robust understanding of client management and customer relationship management (“CRM”) software allowing KMG clients to experience sales growth in challenging economic times. KMG continues to create innovative, cost effective, customer acquisitions for its clients. As a result, KMG is consistently a top producer for its clients and an integral part of its clients CRM strategy at every stage.


Fabricio Rodriguez

Chief Technology Officer

Fabricio Rodriguez holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT. After graduation, he started one of the first full service web development firms and worked with many Fortune 500 companies and start-ups. As CTO of Online Environs, Inc., (OEI) Fabricio was responsible for leading the technology team to build websites and applications for such companies as EMC, Compaq Computer, The New England Patriots, Intel, Nickelodeon, and Paper Exchange.

Working with The New England Patriots for over five years, Fabricio lead the development of many firsts within the NFL, including the first website, the first e-commerce store, first streaming video and live chats with players. OEI was sold to a Chicago based conglomerate in 2000.

After OEI, Fabricio consulted for a few years, and starting in 2006 worked as an Account Manager for companies involved in the premium mobile space. In just a few short years, he grew his accounts to multi-million dollar enterprises. As of 2012, Fabricio had worked with Karis Marketing Group (KMG) developing home grown premium mobile campaigns.


William Brindise

Chief Trading Officer

Bill Brindise earned a degree in Business and Finance from Boston University in 1998. After graduation, he worked on the NYMEX trading floor in the energy options pit. Over the next five years, Bill traded energy options, coffee options and options on precious metals.

Seeking opportunity in 2003, he started his own brokerage/trading company, “BAK”, which actively traded Crude Oil, Unleaded Gasoline, Heating Oil and Natural Gas. After four successful years, he closed his brokerage firm when the trading floor became obsolete due to the NYMEX going digital. He adapted to the change in the market dynamics and succeeded trading for a hedge fund, prop trading desks and as an individual managing his own money. He managed $20 million for an energy and metals firm and returned more than 60% in annualized profit.