Innovative Digital Currency Solutions

“Bitcoin is a technological tour de force.”

– Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder

Products and Services

digitalX Pocket™

The digitalX Pocket is a proposed consumer product that facilitates both digital and real world purchases using digital currency through both a mobile and web application. Pre-enroll now!

digitalX Mintsy™

digitalX Mintsy is a mining and trading platform that makes mining simple. digitalX Mintsy allows the consumer to either lease our rigs or bring their own, to mine a variety of cryptocurrencies. In addition, digitalX Mintsy will provide a trading platform for consumers to exchange their leased mining contracts.

digitalX Direct™

digitalX Direct runs a specialized desk concentrating on liquidity provision. We leverage our mined coins and relationships to provide liquidity to ATM’s and hedge funds. Our capital and coins are allocated to the most compelling opportunities, which are assessed in real time, on a risk reward basis. The digitalX Direct API (application programming interface) allows real-time secure ordering. The API provides price quotes, ordering, and transaction history.